In this page you can find the CARDIOPROOF DOs: the DOs consist in short video-clips, each introducing and explaining a specific tool implemented within the project.

Each video consists of an interview to one or more member of the CARDIOPROOF Consortium: the clinicians have been asked to explain the clinical challenges and need laying behind the model, while the technical partners have been asked to briefly explain the main features and characteristic of the developed tools. The interviews have been combined with images (video and photo) to show the working tool while the relevant partner is explaining it in voiceover.

Five interviews have been produced, each focusing on a specific tool of the project, plus one introducing the project as a whole:

Clip 1 – CARDIOPROOF’s overall concept and objectives (Interview with Titus Kühne – DHZB)


Clip 2 – the Virtual Stenting Software (Interview with Vivek Muthurangu – UCL –  and Anja Hennemuth – Fraunhofer MEVIS)


Clip 3 – A tool for pressure simulation (Interview with Martin Kramer)

Clip 4 –  The whole heart model and relevant fluidodynamic simulatin tools (Interview with Marcello Chinali – OPBG – Gernot Plank – MUG – Paul Groenenboom – ESI)

Clip 5 – Clinical scenario and introduction to the randomised experiment (Interview with Marcus Kelm – DHZB – and Huseyin Naci – LSE)