D1.1 Kick-off meeting report

D1.2 Project Presentation

D1.3 Self-Assessment Plan

D1.4 Quality Assurance Guidelines

D1.5.1 First Half-Yearly Report

D1.5.2 – Second Half-yearly report

Deliverable D1.5.2 – Second Half-Yearly Report

D2.1 Requirement and recruitment protocol

D2.1 Requirement and recruitment protocol (NEW VERSION  – 30th JANUARY 2015)

Deliverable 2.2 – Complete Set of Data Acquired for Aortic Valve Disease

Deliverable 2.3 – Complete Set of Data Acquired for Aortic Coarctation

D3.1 CARDIOPROOF Data Infrastructure and Information System (DIIS) deployed and configured

D3.4 Prioritized functional specification, Personas, Wireframes, Usability test results

D4.1 Implementation of mechanics-CFD interface

D4.2 Implementation of image stack to FE mesh generation pipeline

 D5.3 Interface between mechanical/MRIVEC data and CFD

Deliverable 5.4 – SPH simulations of patient-specific ventricle/aortic valve  updated  –  (old version here)

D7.1 Computational tool for computing  the pressure  difference field from 4D Flow data

Deliverable 7.2 – Computational tool for Estimating the Regional mechanical properties of the aortic vessel wall

Deliverable D9.1 – Systematic review of the clinical and cost-effectiveness literature findings

Deliverable D9.2 – Pilot comparative effectiveness simulation model + Excel Model of Avoidable Costs

D10.1 Dissemination and exploitation strategy plan and preliminary materials

D10.2 Updated dissemination materials (web site public contents,  e-brochure, posters  and preliminary  Dissemination Objects) 

Deliverable 10.3 – First dissemination event

Deliverable  D10.4 – Outcome of the strategic exploitation seminar

Deliverable D10.5 – First Exploitation Plan – Updated Version (old version here)