CARDIOPROOF Newsletter: Issue 3



Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Third Cardioproof Newsletter, which is downloadable here.

This final issue travels through major accomplishments – predictive models and relevant prototype tools – attained throughout the project, their baseline principle, implementation workflow, validation in clinical setting and potential impact for clinical decision making and patient care.

As we believe these tools are going to widely impinge on the daily work of cardiologists for the better, we hope you will get excited about our work as we are, having made our best to make the reading catching, vivid and comprehensible for both experts and non professionals. The issue contents include:

  • Description of the main modelling tools for clinical outcome prediction in cardiology
  • Evaluation of the tools reliability and prediction accuracy with real clinical cases
  • Prospectives for future application of novel technologies in medical care

We hope you enjoy the reading! For any comment or further inquiry, please contact us at: